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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Letter from US Immigration

I just got a mail from the Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) informing me that my 2 year Conditional Permanent Resident will expire this July 11, 2009 and that I need to file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. Although I am already aware of this and I am planning to file my petition by April since USCIS requires everyone who is holding 2 year conditional permanent resident card must file their Petition to Remove Conditions within 90 days before their permanent resident card expires. If someone fails to do so it will result to automatic termination of status. "This I don't want to happen, or I will be deported" lol! Hubby keep on telling me to make sure that all the necessary papers and documents will be submitted as soon as April 11, 2009 because that's the start of my 90 days period before my Green card expires on July 11th. Hopefully, I will be able to get my 10 year Green Card after the I-751 Petition processing is done.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Credit repair solutions

Since the economy is down and a lot of people have lost their jobs if not some have cut back on their working hours which at some point lead to a big change in their take home pay. With all of these many are having a hard time coping up with all their monthly payments and bills. A lot of people have lost their homes and some are on their way to home foreclosures. I heard that if you are delinquent with your mortgage payments and eventually your property is in foreclosure that would affect your credit score badly and they say that it will take time to fix your credit and it will also take seven years to be able to get another home mortgage.

On the other hand a lot of companies are offering services to help people bring their credit score back into good standing like dsi Solutions which is said to be the number 1 credit repair solution agency. If you are having a difficulty getting approved in mortgage loan, car loan or other types of loans from lending companies and agencies because of your credit history, check dsi Solutions at and let them find solution to your problem. Visit them online repair credit or fix credit? Take the simplest steps from dsi Solutions.

Nice weather

We have a nice weather today. The sky is so clear and the sun is shining so brightly. It's getting warmer and warmer as Spring officially starts this 21st of March. I have been looking forward to this change of season.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trendy maternity clothes at Kiki's fashion

Wow, What a best site to shop for maternity clothes at Kiki’s Fashion! I have been looking for trendy maternity clothes since my clothes have gotten snug and tight with my growing belly but couldn’t find any place to get the kind and style I want but with Kiki’s Fashion it’s the only place that sells unique and trendy maternity clothes at a very low price. Maternity clothes with regular prices ranging from 20 to 26 dollars are now on sale and can now be purchased for as low as 10 dollars. Unbeatable price isn’t it? Kiki’s Fashion offers much lower prices which often times up to 75% cheaper compared to other maternity boutiques.

Good news, Kiki’s Fashion offers an exclusive coupon code to bloggers and friends of bloggers receive 20% off. Visit their website at And use “blogfriends” during check out to apply.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top " happiness" states

by Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Looking for happiness — it's family-friendly communities for some, tropical paradise or the rugged West for others. A survey of Americans' well-being, conducted by Gallup in partnership with Healthways and America's Health Insurance Plans, gives high marks to Utah, which boasts lots of outdoor recreation for its youthful population.

Speaking of outdoor recreation, the islands of Hawaii took second place and Wyoming was third in the poll that rated such variables as mental, physical and economic health.

But fun outdoors obviously wasn't the only criteria — "wild, wonderful" West Virginia was ranked last among the states.

And the bluegrass state of Kentucky was 49th, with Mississippi 48th on the list.

In general, highest well-being scores came from states in the West while the lowest were concentrated in the South. The happiest congressional districts were some of the wealthiest, while the lowest scores came in some of the poorest.

Shopping widget you gotta love!

If you love shopping online and wants to be updated on what’s the hotest deal on different products and brands check this shopping widget that features everyday hot deals of different products and brands powered by Tech Bargains. In today’s economic crisis one has to be a smarter and a wiser buyer and a consumer. Get advantage of any discounts coupons you can get from any products and brands being offered by many different stores and companies. Check out today’s hot deals at click on the featured products that is on the shopping widget below and find out more about the product offers and other discount coupons. If you have your own blog or website you might as well get this shopping widget for easy access. This is a shopping widget you gotta love!

Finally sent the package for mama and papa

Hubby and I had finally sent the package for mama and papa. It's been awhile that the stuffs we needed to send were sitting at home. We sent papa a pocket size Leatherman multi tools which we think he would like, a ring for mama and some chocolate candies. We just sent a little box for them not really that much stuffs inside it but we know they would appreciate a lot when they get something from us.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

High quality mailboxes at mailboxixchange

It’s been a great day today, we had a great weather although the air was still a little bit cold. Hubby and I spent most of the day running some errands. One thing we forgot is to put the mails into our mailbox which we need to send out. Hopefully, tomorrow we won’t forget to put it in before the mailman comes by. Speaking of mail box, I told hubby that we need a new mailbox because ours look so old.
One place that I find interesting to check when looking for high quality mailboxes is through where they sell a wide selection of high quality mail boxes for residential and commercial use. Mailboxixchange is your best shot when it comes to mail box solution because they provide you product depth, knowledge, affordable, low prices and great customer service. Check their website and find out more about their products and services.

Travel Tips: Airline carry-on baggage

This is a simplified guide to airline baggage and airport security regulation

will help you pack without fear for your next big trip. Below, you'll find the airport security regulations that you'll need to know when checking your luggage and airline carry-on baggage. Also, be sure that you and your travel agent check for the most updated information for your airline as well as the Travel Security Administration (TSA).

Know the 3-1-1 for Airline Carry-On Baggage

This is the easy formula for airline carry-on baggage established by TSA that mandates that you can only carry liquids, aerosols and gels in three-ounce containers, which should be safely kept inside a one-quart, plastic zip-top bag. This includes common items such as toothpaste, shampoo and food. You should be aware that airline carry-on baggage extends to gift or special items including lotions, creams, scented oils, liquid soaps, perfumes and even snow globes.

The only exception to this carry-on baggage rule
is if you have baby food, medications (and associated injectors) or other liquid/gel items that are for health purposes. In order to have these containers permitted, you need to declare them to an airport security officer and have them screened at the checkpoint. It's highly recommended that you label medications to make this process smoother.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Michael Jackson's concert in London

Good news to all the fans of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, he will have his concern in London and said to be his final 10 shows ever at London’s famed O2 Arena. See Michael Jackson’s come back concert and get your tickets to Michael Jackson in London. Oh, I wish I could see him in concert. I always liked most of Michael Jackson’s song. Most of his songs are a great hit. For more details and information on Michael Jackson’s July 2009 concert visit the link and get your Michael Jackson tickets. Don’t miss the chance to watch his concern, get your tickets now before they are gone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

I couldn't go back to sleep after I went to the bathroom at 12 mn. I stayed in bed for 2 hours tossing left and right and felt my baby moving around the whole time. Then, I felt hungry so I got up from bed and ate a bowl of cereal and drank a whole glass of water. I was eating my cereal infront of my laptop browsing other blogs and looked at the time on my laptop and showed it was already past 3 am. I got up and went to the kitchen but was wondering why the time in our microwave clock doesn't match with the time in my laptop as well as my celphone when I check it. Then I just remember that the time has changed to an hour ahead. It's Daylight Savings Time!

So guys make sure you set your time an hour ahead coz Daylight Saving Time just started March 8 at 2 am just incase you forgot.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

On gaining and losing weight

When I was in the Philippines I was so desperate about gaining weight. Hubby knew that I really wanted to gain some weight during that time and so he sent me a drink supplement that was said to be one of the best protein drink to help me gain weight. It surely worked good on me cause I gained some weight. Some of the protein drink sold in the market today are not only for gaining weight but some are also for burning fat for those who would like to lose weight like Energy First’s Pro Energy drink . It’s an energy protein powder which contains organic whey or natural Whey Isolate protein for optimum health, energy and nutrition.
Lose weight naturally with Pro Energy Protein Powder check out the health benefits you can get with this 100% all natural pure whey protein isolate. Visit and find out more information and other health benefits you can get from Pro Energy.

Got some snow today

When I woke up this morning I was surprised to see some snow on hubby's truck and on my car too. It did snow probably at the crack of dawn, lol. Then after couple of hours big flakes of snow started to fall on the ground again but didn't last long and they melted away. We have a cold weather today, hubby turned on the heater back to keep us warm in the house. Hopefully, it will be the last snowfall as spring is coming on it's way soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Find the best web hosting site

The best way to look for a good web hosting site for your site whether for business or for personal use is through Web Hosting Geeks which offers you a lot of information when it comes to web hosting providers that are available in the worldwide web today. Web Hosting Geeks provides you the top 10 web hosting providers for 2008 ranked by the best price value ratio, reliability, key features, customer support, past and current user feedbacks and others. Looking for the best web host provider won’t be difficult since all you have to do is check the top 10 web hosting providers and check each provider and you will find out a detailed information about each provider and compare which one is the best that will suit your web hosting needs. So check it out now.

Seven Best Part -Time Jobs

If you are thinking about working some part time job on the side. Consider these seven best part-time jobs according to

1. Tax Preparer
Thousands of people need help every year to file their returns. Part-time tax preparers are often accountants who know their way around deductions and forms, and who want extra income. Though the job typically peaks in the spring, many clients choose to retain their tax professional as a year-round personal accountant and adviser.
Salary: Set your own fee. H&R Block typically charges anywhere from $100 to $200 for their services, so you can probably charge up to $80 and still offer a bargain.

2. Substitute Teacher
Many states offer substitute teaching positions without requiring a teaching degree. Often, anyone with a bachelor’s degree is eligible, provided they pass a background check and interview. The length of employment varies and you should be flexible for days when you get a frantic last-minute call at 6 a.m., but it’s a good way to put your education to use while aiding in the education of others.
Salary: Varies depending on the state. In Oregon, for example, substitutes get about $150 a day.

3. Private Tutor
Jeremiah LeBrash started tutoring in college as a way to make some extra income. He’s now making enough money for it to be his full-time job. “I started out teaching SAT prep for Kaplan, but I was only making $20 an hour,” he says. “I realized I could do it on my own, give my students one-on-one attention, and charge twice as much.” LeBrash now charges $80 an hour for test preparation and $60 for general math and science help.
Salary: Companies like Kaplan and The Princeton Review pay tutors anywhere from $20 to $60 an hour, depending on the test they teach and the size of the class. Private tutors, like LeBrash, can set their own fee.

4. Part-Time Receptionist
Answering telephones and receiving packages may not be the most glamorous job, but according to career counselor Judith Gerberg, it’s a great opportunity to network. Gerberg, president of the Career Counselors Consortium, knew a laid off radio DJ who ended up working as a receptionist for a law firm. She soon became acquainted with a filmmaker client who loved her music knowledge so much, he hired her as an associate producer. “Lawyers and small businesses always need administrative help,” says Gerberg. “You might be making minimum wage, but keep your ego under wraps. You never know who will walk through the door.”
Salary: Varies, but can be in the $20,000-a-year range.

5. Computer Technician
Gerberg says there is an increased need for tech support, as more people move their businesses home. Computer technicians make basic repairs, set up wi-fi and perform other jobs. Companies are also looking for individuals who can build websites, which makes this a no-brainer for anyone with a little creativity and HTML experience.
Salary: Set your own fee. Tech support rates vary according to the job, rates can be around $30 an hour or more.

6. Copy Editor
“Copy editing is proofreading,” says Rachel Goldman, who took her skills honed in her day job as an online news producer and used them to score part-time work as well. In addition to checking texts for spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting errors, "I also help the person brainstorm and flesh out their work,” says Goldman. Although she started out editing essays for college students, Goldman is now working on documents such as patent applications and television scripts as well.
Salary: Goldman’s fees vary based on length and subject matter, but she estimates that she makes about $100 per document.

7. Direct Seller
Companies such as Amway and Avon allow people to make money on their own time, while offering incentive programs like discounted insurance. And while the recession may have curbed consumer spending, Avon recently reported earnings that were above expectations. “Our products are selling well because it’s affordable luxury,” says Lindsay Blaker, an Avon spokesperson.
Salary: Blaker says she’s seen reps make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to six-figure annual salaries. “I met someone who went from a corporate setting to becoming a full-time seller because she was making just as much money staying at home,” she says. “People love the flexibility of the job.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Charlotte Sign

Charlotte Sign offers a wide variety of signs from banners, real estate signs, hanging signs, yard or parking signs, sandwich boards, magnetic signs, even window lettering and many other kinds of signs that you need for your business and for just about any purposes, Charlotte Sign can help you get your message out. Signs are very useful and very effective of getting your clients and customer’s attention to recognize your business, products and services and show potential customer of what your business, products and services are all about and where you are. Signs are important part of any successful business. So, check them out at and find out more about their services when it comes to all your “sign” needs or you can call them for pricing at 704.644.0820.

Still up at 10 pm

Yes, I'm still up and awake at this time of hour. I'm usually in bed at this time around during hubby work days but since hubby is on the night shift as I mentioned earlier in my previous post I'm staying late. I feel sleepy though and my but is hurting for sitting too long. I might be going to bed pretty soon. I just need to finish one task and I will be done for tonight.
Hubby will be home from work at around 2:30 am.

Home tanning

If you have whiter skin and loves to go to a tanning salon and have spent a lot of money for it. Why not get your own Tanning Bed and do your tanning at the comforts of your own home. Check this site that sells affordable Home Tanning Beds online, you might be interested to get one for yourself.

Political Discussion Forum

Are you politically inclined and love to talk about political issues with other people with the same interest? You can check other political blogs and get involved to express your opinions about the latest political issues or you can join a political forum site like Argue with Everyone, it’s a political discussion forum that’s open and allows free debate on whatever topic you want to discuss.

Hubby's on the night shift

Hubby's going to be on the night shift work starting tonight until Thursday since one of his co workers is getting married and is on leave. It's going to be a long night for me, it's been awhile that hubby worked on the night shift. He had worked the graveyard shift for a year and was glad that he was transferred to the day shift. At least he will just work 4 nights and he will have his days off on Sunday and be back on his usual schedule next week.
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