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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Online Savings Acccount

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My Journey to Momhood blog

My Journey to Momhood blog is working fine now, finally able to get accessed to that blog. I didn't do anything it just fixed itself. I'm glad that it worked ok and I was able to resubmit the opp that I posted earlier. There's a lot of available opps but most of them only pay so low and I guess a lot of bloggers just ignored those opps including myself. Though I took some of it but only those opp that require 25 or 50 words per post at $2.00 - $2.50 and 100 words at $5.00 which I guess are much better than nothing.

Valentine's gift for hubby

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, though it’s still too early to think about it but I know time flies by so quickly. I have to think of something on what to give hubby for valentine’s day gift. I usually give him a card but I would like to give him something that he will like aside from the card. I have been checking online for a valentine gift and found nice Bulova watches at I like the style in the photo above because hubby likes diamonds and it has a lot of diamonds around it. There are more styles and brands of time pieces at blue So if you are thinking of giving watch as your valentine gift for your beloved husband or wife just check the website

Page load error

"Page Load Error" and then "Address Not Found" that's what it say everytime I try to open or view my blog "My Journey to Momhood" and I don't understand why I can't even access to it. It just happened couple of hours ago while I was writing a post when I clicked published then all of a sudden it just said Page load error and I tried to view it several times but still won't show. Have you experienced this before? If so, what did you do to fix the problem? Please help me if you have any idea on what should I do because I really don't know what happened why it won't opened. My other blogs work just fine except for the blog that I mentioned above. Can you view this blog if you clicked it? Just leave a comment if you would please. Any ideas that would help fix this problem will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby's movement

I have felt my baby's movement quiet often at the start of my second trimester. I usually felt subtle kicks inside my tummy but haven't felt it yet when I touch my tummy. This morning, I tried to take a nap but couldn't sleep while I was laying down in bed I felt something moving in my tummy and so I touch my tummy and for the first time my hand felt my baby's movement as I gently press my hand against my lower abdomen. It felt so good to know that I'm carrying a live human being inside my tummy. To me it is such a great fulfillment as a woman and a great blessing from God.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Health Supplements from GreenPath

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Avocado for dinner

My dinner for tonight was 2 pieces of avocado mixed with milk, a little sugar and crashed saltine crackers. That's how we usually prepare avocado in the Philippines and mostly it's for dessert but tonight I had it for dinner. I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes to chill it before I ate it. It was really good.

Acne Complex that works best

I always envy women with flawless skin. I admire those who have a very clear skin especially on their face. I always get pimples every now and then and have tried many kinds of facial wash, pimple soap and even acne treatment but still I keep breaking out. Now that I’m pregnant it is getting worse and my pimples are coming out more on my neck. I guess it’s because my hormones are going crazy due to my pregnancy. I told hubby that after I gave birth I have to see a dermatologist and have it checked so I could get pimple or acne treatment then.

I heard that there is an Acne Complex that works effectively to get a clear skin and it’s called Murad Acne Complex which promises to give you clear skin in just 4 weeks. Sounds interesting isn’t it? Maybe I should try this after my pregnancy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Common Cold

Common cold just hit me since yesterday. I have nasal stuffiness/drainage, scratchy throat and I have been sneezing. I'm scared to take any medicine because I'm pregnant so I just drink a lot of fluids like water and juices. I hope this will go away soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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It's our wedding anniversary!

It's been two years since hubby and I said I do during our wedding day. Today is our second wedding anniversary and we are getting stronger and stronger with our relationship. Hubby and I could not believe that it has been two years that we are married. For two years our love for each other never faint but grow stronger each passing day. I am grateful to God that we have found each other. To my hubby, happy second wedding anniversary to us. Thank you so much for all the love and care you always make me feel. I love you very much!

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Selling our house

We finally able to put our house for sale through Bray Real Estate. By the time hubby found out that his hours at work were cut to 40 hrs a week with no more overtime. We decided to sell the house because we know we couldn't afford our mortgage payments anymore since he only makes less than half of what he used to earn. This is one of the trying times and we know that we are not the only ones who experience this. We are thankful to God that hubby still has his job until now. We might be moving to another place within 6 months but it will still be here in Grand Junction since we cannot move to another State because he has the 50-50 custody of his children and we can't leave until they reach 18 yrs. old.

So, that's why I haven't updated my blog for weeks because we got busy cleaning up the house and packing things up, donating a lot of stuffs that we don't need to Goodwill. Just making everything ready when we move to a new place.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Local Dating Experts at Great Expectations

Finding the right man to be your companion and lifetime partner takes patience and prayers too me. I feel so blessed that I found someone who really cares and loves me so much. My husband is such a wonderful husband that I could never ask for. I never thought I could ever find someone like him. We met on a dating website way back in December 2005 after a couple of months communicating through emails, chatting and phone we met personally in the Philippines got engaged and then got married after 11 months of visa processing. I know there are a lot of relationships that started like what me and hubby and got married successfully. There are a lot of dating websites too that help single men and women find their match.

If you are single and have tried different dating websites but didn’t work out and haven't found your true love, why not try it’s a local dating site that will help you achieve your goals in finding your future partner. They are the expert when it comes to local dating . The best thing about this is that you meet single members locally where you live. You can check Great Expectations - Atlanta, GA if you live around Georgia or just visit their website at and find their local offices in Los Angeles, CA , Clearwater, FL or other states near you. Check it out, this might be the right place you have been looking for to find your true love.

Bad news

Hubby and I knew this is going to happen at some point with today's economic situation. Hubby went home early from work yesterday because they were told by their boss that they are cutting their hours at work. Hubby use to work 12 hrs each day and with these he use to get a lot of hours working overtime. Well yesterday, the management told them that starting yesterday they will only work 40 hours a week which means there will be no overtime pay. That was indeed a bad news for everybody at hubby's work. If he works 40 hours a week his pay check will only be less than a half of what he usually take home. It's really hard how we can cope up with all the monthly bills that we have to pay not to mention our mortgage. I know a lot of people loss their jobs, hubby told me yesterday that he is lucky he still has the job. It's hard to find another job when a lot of companies are closing and a lot of workers been laid off from their jobs.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crying in my dream

Everyday I usually wake up as early as 3 or 4 in the morning to help hubby prepare for his work. Then, I go back to sleep when hubby leaves. This morning when I went back to sleep I dreamed of something which I couldn't recall the details what it was all about. All I can remember is that I was talking to one of my relatives and I was upset that I was still crying when I woke up from my dream and my heart was so heavy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

15 weeks of pregnancy

Yes, I'm 15 weeks of my pregnancy today and I'm on my second trimester. So far, so good. I feel a lot better though my morning sickness is not that bad since I only feel nauseous every now but thank God I never experience vomiting and dizziness. Hopefully, it would stay this way until I give birth. I had a friend who told me that she started vomiting during her second trimester at 4 months of pregnancy. I hope, I won't feel that way. By the way, my friend is having a baby boy. They say that if you have a bad morning sickness during your entire pregnancy you will have a baby girl but I don't know if that is really true because I have a sister-in-law she had been vomiting and had a bad morning sickness in all of her three pregnancies and she had 3 boys but never experience any of those bad feelings when she was pregnant with her baby girl. On the other hand, I have a friend who had a very hard time during her entire pregnancy and she had a baby girl now. But hubby was already convince that I will have a baby boy because I asked my mother what she think of the baby's gender and she said it's going to be a boy and mama has a cursing tongue, whatever she says it's going to happen. So hubby already set his mind that it's a boy because mama said so and besides hubby want our baby to be a boy. Ha,ha, well let's see if mama's cursing tongue is still effective since I am here in the US and most Americans don't believe in superstitions.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Slings

Hubby keeps telling me even before that getting pregnant and having a baby would change my whole life. It’s not that he was trying to scare me but he was just letting me know how it’s going to be when a baby comes in our lives. He knew all of these for a fact because he was first married before and had children. I told him, I know it’s not easy raising a baby that’s why I told him I just want to have at least one baby. Although being a first time mom won’t be easy but I know it’s fulfilling. Well, I guess with today’s advance technology and innovations there are a lot of ways to help mommies ease the burden and make them more comfortable in taking care of their babies. I remember when my brother was born, I help take care of him and oh it’s so tiring because when you have to carry him, you do it with your arms and at the end of the day your arms and shoulders are already in so much pain.

Well, today they created baby carriers that will help support arms and shoulders for ease and comfort to babies and mommies as well. If you are looking for stylish baby carriers Baby Sling has all the wide selections you need when it comes to baby slings, carriers and wraps. I check them online and I like the moby wrap which gives maximum support and comfort to mommies and babies. I’m surely going to get one of these when I have the baby.

Bigger tummy

As weeks go by, I can tell that my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. Hubby keeps teasing me at how my tummy looks like right now. I gained weight too, right now I am at 98.2 lbs. I used to be less than 90 lbs before I get pregnant. I am at 14 weeks and 7 days of pregnancy today. Each week that passes by I am getting more and more excited. My next prenatal appointment will be on the 19th of this month and my OB-GYN said to take a VHS tape with us so he could record the baby and it's movement as he does abdominal ultrasound on me.

Here's how my tummy looked like when hubby took this photo during my 13 weeks or exactly 3 months of pregnancy.

Bathroom remodeling

Remodeling the bathroom is not easy since hubby is not a professional when it comes to plumbing but as he started working on the project he had learned a lot and was able to figure things out when it comes to fixing things. I am learning the same way too, one thing I found out living here in the US is that you have to learn to do everything by yourself because it cost too much if you hire somebody to do things for you especially fixing things in the house like plumbing, lighting, and others. I’m glad that hubby loves fixing things in the house. He treats it like a project to do and he learns things easily and figures out things quickly.

So, we have a new toilet in the bathroom downstairs now. The next thing he will work on will be installing the bath tub, then painting the walls and putting new tiles on the floor. We also need to put on new lighting fixtures in the bathroom to really make it look good. I like the bath collection lights by george kovacs lighting which are available at an online store where you can find all your lighting needs such as fine art lamps, forecast lighting and many more. Farrey’s has a wide selection of lighting fixtures in many different styles and brands to choose from in prices you can afford.

Busy on hubby's days' off

Hubby had spent his four days off remodeling the bathroom downstairs. He is doing it by himself and me as her side kick. We are planning to install a bathtub just like what we have upstairs since it only has a shower. We also put a brand new toilet because it really needs one. This house that hubby bought has been built in the 1950's so everything is very old and needs to be replaced. If we could have the money, we would want the whole house remodel but for now we will just do it one at a time.
Though we haven't done putting up the bath tub yet but at least we already put the new toilet and it has been working great. The children has to go up stairs to take their showers for the meantime.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A year without watching TV

It’s been a year that we disconnected our cable TV subscription. I have missed watching my favorite TV shows and since then I have never watched any local TV programs. Although, it wasn’t a big deal for me when hubby suggested if we could cut our cable subscriptions since we don’t watch TV most of the time especially that he works all day and even when he gets off from work he spends more time on his computer browsing the internet and watching funny clips at Youtube. I’m also not fond of watching TV and I only watch when hubby is around and like hubby I spend more time doing the internet than watching television. I knew a lot of Pinay friends who loved to watch soap operas and other TV shows.

Sometimes, I also thought about maybe it would be nice to have the cable back so I could watch my favorite TV shows again but maybe not with the same cable company that we subscribed before but it’s hard to decide which one’s to choose. I heard that My TV Options is a good website to start with to help you decide what TV options you would like to get the best features in your program preferences whether cable, direct tv or dish tv. I just check the site and tried to type in my zip code and it showed that Direct TV is the most suitable choice for my area and for my needs. Isn’t that cool? So, if you have a hard time choosing between cable, directtv or dish tv as your provider check My TV Options now!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe 2008 has ended and today another year has begun. Wow! time flies by so fast. The month of January has always been a great month to me since year 2007 because this is the month that me and hubby got married and this is the month that I first came here in the U.S. It's going to be my two years of marriage and two years of being here with hubby. Things are doing great for me and hubby. 2008 has been a great year for me too, it's the year when I first got my regular driver's license, I was able to take my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class for free and passed my CNA certification examination too and the best part that ever happened in 2008 was I got pregnant again and hoping to continue to have a successful pregnancy and delivery in July 2009.

Hubby and I are looking forward to have a great and successful 2009. Hoping that everything will turn out good and be a better year in all aspects of our marriage life. Have a wonderful and prosperous NEW YEAR Everyone!
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